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        Tunnel shutter

        Tailor-made tunnel lining solutions

        All advantages at a glance:

        • Precise lining of conventionally driven tunnels

        • Modular design for individual tunnel profiles

        Tunnel shutters in operation

        Every conventionally driven tunnel has a different diameter and a different tunnel profile. To ensure precision lining of every one of these tunnels, Euroform provides complete portfolio of specialized tunnel shutter systems adapted to project requirements.

        Shutter innovation

        The Herrenknecht subsidiary Euroform has developed a completely new system which allows the customer to use the same shutter for lining different tunnels. The “E.P. shutter” has a modular design, adaptable to a wide variety of tunnel profiles, allowing it to be used several times. The modular design makes it easy to handle, allows faster reassembly times, reduces transport costs in comparison with conventional shutters and has a high buy-back value.

        Further information


        Making perfect tunnels

        Based on 30 years of working experience, Euroform S.r.L. is a teamwork partner for Italian tunnel construction companies specializing in the design and production of any kind of tunnel lining and formwork solution. Our product portfolio includes segment moulds for the production of precision segments for mechanized tunnelling and tailor-made shutter systems for the lining of conventionally driven tunnels.

        All systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers to build perfect, durable tunnel systems that comply with the high quality requirements of the market. Constant product development is therefore our main focus during the design and manufacturing phase of each new system.

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