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        We are looking for you!

        Have you just finished school or are about to finish soon? Now you want to make the right decisions as you start your career? An apprenticeship or course of study at Herrenknecht offers you exactly the manifold perspectives you are looking for. In-depth and practical work will prepare you optimally for your career. And you can also look forward to being hired for a promising position after your final exams. Apply now and get started on your breakthrough!

        You can find a summary of all important information here: Download information brochure (German).

        A course of study at the Dual University offers you in-depth theoretical knowledge and early practical experience for excellent development opportunities. By alternating between three-month theoretical and practical phases, in addition to methodical and technical knowledge you will also develop the personal skills important for the workplace.

        Herrenknecht cooperates with Dual Universities to offer the following courses of study:

        The very best career opportunities with apprenticeships in metallurgy and electronics vocations

        Qualified skilled workers are in high demand at Herrenknecht as they represent the core of our work. With technical training at Herrenknecht, you can create a secure basis for your future. Whether you are more interested in working with metal or electronic processes – with around 40 apprenticeships a year in a wide variety of training areas, we have the right offer for you.

        Our founder Martin Herrenknecht is personally very committed to promoting young talent and technology which is why we have seven instructors in a state-of-the-art training workshop who are in charge of your technical qualifications. The requisite practical reference is ensured by special projects as well as orders for manufacturing components for our tunnel boring machines. And to ensure that things run smoothly at vocational school, we support you in the form of in-company instruction and comprehensive exam preparation.

        All of these measures have proved to be successful: satisfied trainees, good final grades and a high retention rate speak for themselves.

        Promoting our trainees – whether in the form of additional remuneration or further training measures – is something which is important to us. We encourage mutual cooperation among our trainees with regular excursions and events. Special bonuses are awarded for good academic performance during training. Regardless of their academic grades or qualifications, we warmly welcome brainstormers, those willing to assume responsibility, team players and future shapers. And we offer our trainees an extensive support program to ensure that they maintain their pioneering spirits.

        • Training workshop with a state-of-the-art machine park for all industrial trainees under a single roof
        • Young team of instructors
        • Extra in-company instruction in English, technology skills and economics
        • External and internal grinds as required
        • Qualified and comprehensive exam preparation
        • Practical training: around 50 percent of activities contribute to the production of Herrenknecht tunnel boring machines
        • Additional training content, e.g. welding or forging
        • Special projects
        • Operational processes and collaboration in production departments of relevance for training during the second year
        • High retention rate 
        • Parents’ evening before training commences
        • Ice-breaker days for new trainees
        • Company pension scheme
        • Regular range of sports events and joint undertakings
        • Modern remuneration system with annual bonuses for achievements
        • Large-scale Christmas party
        • Works doctor and canteen
        • Accident insurance with 24-hour cover
        • First-aid training and driver safety training
        • Free use of many gyms and pools in the region
        • Interesting discounts at external companies

        Get to know us

        Our motivated team of instructors will support you throughout your training (from left):

        • Ralf Baumann, instructor for Dual University courses of study and lecturer for in-company instruction

        • Christian Ramsteiner, instructor for technical product designers

        • Benjamin Bührer, instructor for IT specialists

        • Christian Grothmann, instructor for mechatronics

        • Daniel Butschan, instructor for technical product designers

        • Klaus Himmelsbach, chief instructor

        • Michael Schulz, instructor for design mechanics

        • Michaela Schütz, training personnel officer and responsible for commercial trainees

        • Sven Kirner, dep. chief instructor and instructor for electronic engineers

        • Matthias Vogel, instructor for industrial mechanics

        • Benjamin Husser, instructor for machinists and metallurgy specialist

        Find a job

        We do not offer all job descriptions and Dual University courses of study every year. You can find available apprenticeships and study places in our Job Offers. We look forward to receiving your application.

        To job market

        Would you like to apply to one of our Group Brands? Please click on the corresponding logo:

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        Michaela Schütz Training personnel specialist